Levadas Trail

Type: Circular

Length: Aprox. 2.5 km

Duration: Aprox. 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Start and finish point: Pena Bridgte (trail with green and white signage

Recommended seasons: Spring / Summer

 Pena is served by two levadas (small traditional aqueducts) which, in the height of summer, supply the village with abundant water, for its inhabitants and agriculture. This availability of water is undoubtedly one of the village's greatest assets.
It is by taking advantage of the course of these two levadas that we suggest this route, which always runs along the Pena Creek on practically flat terrain and without any major difficulties.
In order to prevent any mistakes along the way, it is advisable to start on the side of the levada on the right-hand side of the Pena Creek. The trail starts just after the Pena Bridge on a small path on the right-hand side with a steep slope, located between the century-old chestnut tree and the garbage dump. This trail will take us to the end of the levada (much of the route is underground). At the end of the levada we'll come across the dam which feeds it, which makes for a great picnic spot.
Once we've found the dam, we'll have to cross the river, jumping from stone to stone (be careful not to slip) and climb up a small path that will lead us almost immediately to the path of the other levada. Once we've found this path, we'll just have to follow the course of this second levada until we return to Pena, giving us an excellent view of the village against the natural backdrop of the Penedos de Góis.

"Through the Penedos de Góis" Trail

Type: Two-way linear trail

Length: Aprox. 5 km

Duration: Aprox. 3 hours

Difficulty: Easy /Medium

Access: Pena

Start and Finish Point: Pena Bridge

Signs: Signaled according to international norms

Recommended season: Spring / Summer / Autumn

After crossing the bridge to the right bank of the creek, follow the road for about 250 meters. You'll find a path on your right, going upwards. This route invites you to stop multiple times, not only to rest, but also to enjoy the amazing landscapes, where you can see Pena, the creek, or Trevim. The first part of the trail, up to the top of the chestnut grove, is without a doubt the most interesting part. After crossing the grove, the path leads us to the village of Povorais which, at an altitude of 850 meters, is the highest village in the Góis municipality. To return, just descend down the same path where you came from. This trail is part of PR9 GOI - Trilho do Baile.


Percurso Pedestre "Rota Tradições do Xisto"

Type: Loop

Length: 9.2 km

Duration: Aprox. 4 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Altitude: between 600 meters (Pena) e 770 meters  (Aigra Velha) above sea level

Access: Pena

Suggested start and finish: Pena

Signaling: Signaled according to international norms

Recommended season: All year. Cooler hours during the summer

"Walk to the quarry" trail

Type: Two-way linear trail

Length: Aprox. 2 km

Duration: Aprox. 1 hour

Difficulty: Very easy

Start and finish point: Pena

Signaling: None, just need to follow the road

Recommended season: All year

This is the easiest trail, which starts just after the Pena bridge and leads along a paved road to the old crusher. Although it's quite easy to do, it's a spectacular route that allows you to appreciate the setting of the village of Pena, the valley of the Pena stream and some of the region's flora. Once you reach the crusher, the landscape will be indescribable, and you'll be able to take your breath away by the steep cliffs that lie ahead. This route can also be done at night, where the crusher provides an ideal place to observe the universe (shooting stars are easily visible) - "Sky Watching".



Geological Interest